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Jeice is another member of Frieza's elite henchmen, the Ginyu Force. He has fairly well-rounded abilities and seems to be the second most powerful in the group. He isn't extremely skilled and so he makes up for it with the careful balance of both speed and strength. He and Burter teams up to form their attacks.



Kaioshin, originally East Kaioshin, was the highest diety remaining after Buu slaughtered Dai Kaioshin and the 3 other Kaioshins. His existence is so sacred that even North Kaio Sama (King Kai) has not seen him before. Kaioshin came to Earth during the Budoukai Tournament to warn Goku about Babidi's plan to revive Buu. He eventually fused with Kibito via the Potara Rings and became a lot more powerful.


Kamesenin (Master Roshi)

Kamesenin is a master at martial arts. He claimed to have taken a potion which granted him eternal health. He trained with Old Grandfather Gohan and in turn trained his adopted grandson, Son Goku. He is responsible for Goku and Krillin's great strength at such an early age. Kamesenin normally spends his time trying to get a peek at women.


Kami Sama

Kami Sama came to Earth from Planet Namek. He wanted to become the new Kami of Earth and so he banished his evil spirit which in turn formed Piccolo. They have a spiritual link so if one of the two dies, both of them die. As the God of Earth and creator of the Earth Dragon Balls, Kami Sama definitely plays a very important role in the series.


Karin Sama

Karin lives on a lookout just below Kami Sama's Palace. He grows the rejuvenating Senzu Beans and acts as the guardian of holy water. Although he doesn't possess any fighting skills, he makes up with his wisdom and intelligence. We see him little but he helps out quite often with his Senzu Beans, which is usually delivered to the Z warriors by Yajirobe.



Kibito is Kaioshin's assistant. He has the ability to transport himself and others to any other part of the Universe. He serves Kaioshin unquestionably and eventually fused with his master via the Potara Rings. He serves as an advisor and also helped in the series when he teleported Gohan to fight against Buu, who has just absorbed Piccolo and Gotenks.



Koola has been keeping a close watch over his brother, Frieza. He was sure that Goku would be defeated. After Frieza and Cold were killed, Koola heads to Earth to finish off the last of the "Saiyan trash" in movie #5. Similar to Frieza, Koola also changes forms to increase his power. Koola is capable of changing into a 5th form - one more transformation than his brother.



Krillin was the most powerful human being by the Buu Saga. His power was still however insignificant compared to the Saiyans and Piccolo. When he was a kid he was Goku's rival but later on they became best friends and trained together under Kamesenin (Master Roshi). Krillin falls in love with Android #18. He marries her and together they had a daughter named Marron (the name of Krillin's first girlfriend).



Ledgic is the personal bodyguard of Don Kea, the ruler of Planet Imegga. This is the first planet that Goku, Trunks, and Pan travel to in the early days of Dragon Ball GT. Upon their arrival, Ledgic confronts Goku and attempts to drive him away from the planet. He gives Goku quite a beating, but when Goku transforms into SSJ he swiftly defeats the Imeggan warrior.



Nail is the strongest warrior on Namek. He acted as the bodyguard of Guru (Great Chief of Nameks). He looks almost identical to Piccolo but his personality is very different. After he was defeated by Frieza he offers to be absorbed by Piccolo; to boost the strength of Piccolo so that he could defeat Frieza.



Nappa was Vegeta's right-hand man. When he came to Earth his power level was far greater than any of the Z fighters. Nappa is, along with Vegeta, an Elite class of Saiyans. He was stubborn and stupid. When he was crippled by Goku, Vegeta kills him in honour of the Saiyans.


North Kaio Sama (King Kai)

North Kaio Sama is God of the northern galaxy where Earth resides. He lives on a planet on the end of Snake Way with his pet monkey Bubbles and his pupil Gregory. Using his antena, he is able to locate and communicate with others from a great distance. He often gives the warriors helpful advice. He is a martial arts teacher and trained Goku, Piccolo, Tien, Chiaotzu & Yamcha at some stage of the series.


Oolong is Goku's friend from Dragon Ball. He may change into any form he wishes but he can't really fight in any form. He doesn't acquire any special skills from what he transforms into and he couldn't stay disguised for more than five minutes. In a fight, Oolong is more of a spectator than a fighter. He is considered a coward.


Pan is Gohan's daughter and Goku's granddaughter. She is the most powerful female hero in all of the Dragon Ball series (although she only fought in Dragon Ball GT). Pan is 1/4 of Saiyan blood and 3/4 human blood. She is very adventurous and can get into a lot of trouble. Trunks, Goten and Pan go everywhere together. She is the little sister they never had.


Paragas is Brolly's father. He was saved by his infant son's latent powers when Planet Vegeta was obliterated. Only an average warrior, he relies on a special device to control his son and use him for protection. He requests Vegeta to take on the role as emperor on Planet New Vegeta, thus occupying our Prince Saiyan and masking his true plan of universal domination (first starting with Earth).


The Piccolo in DBZ is the sole offspring of Piccolo Daimao from the original series. Like his father his intentions were originally evil. When Raditz arrived on Earth he was forced to team up with Goku and that was the first step in which he became a "good guy". He trained Gohan during Goku's absence and played a major role through most of the series. He absorbed Nail and Kami, becoming the strongest Namek.


Emperor Pilaf only wants one thing: to rule the world. Using his wealth, he creates machines and fortresses which he uses to find the Dragon Balls. Although he does come very close on many occasions, he was never able to get his wish granted to become ruler of the Earth.


Mr. Popo is Kami's best friend and assistant to anyone who takes on the role as Kami of Earth. He was a decent fighter in Dragon Ball but by DBZ his power was not comparable to the rest of the Z warriors. He wears a white turban with an oval shaped gem in the center and travels sometimes by means of flying carpet or teleportation.


Puar is Yamcha's pet and close friend. He aids him in robbing people that cross their desert. Unlike Oolong, who can only shape-shift for 5 minutes, Puar can change for as long as he wants (he graduated shape-shifting school). Like Oolong however, his power does not increase when in another form.


Raditz is Goku's brother. He, along with Vegeta and Nappa, also survived the liberation of Planet Vegeta. Years later he was ordered to check on Goku and see why Earth was not ready to be sold. Finding that Goku had forgotten his mission he kidnaps Gohan and threatens Goku. Although at that time Raditz's power level was greater then that of Goku and Piccolo, his ignorance allowed him to be defeated.


Recoome was the second member in the Ginyu Force to be defeated. He is large and well-built as well as possessing tremendous physical strength. He is fairly slow moving, thus can be taken out by a faster and smaller opponent quite easily.

Rou Kaioshin

Rou Kaioshin is a Kaioshin 15 generations before the present Kaioshin. He was trapped in the Zet Sword and was released when Goku and Gohan broke the sword by hurling the strongest rock against it. Like many head figures with power in the series, he is a pervert and only agrees to power up Gohan if he gets to touch Bulma. He eventually sacrifices his life for Goku but was revived via the Dragon Balls.


Ryan-Shenlong spawns from the 2 Star Dragon Ball when Pora was wished back from the dead. This evil Dragon is associated with water pollution. Like his fellow Evil Shenlongs, this dragon puts up a very good fight but is overtaken and killed by Goku.



Ryuu-Shenlong is the manifestation of the 6 Star Dragon Ball when Oolong makes his ambitious wish for a pair of girl's panties. Ryuu-Shenlong is associated with hurricanes and storms. He was killed by Goku just like all the other Shenlongs.



San-Shenlong is the beast that pops out of the 3 Star Dragon Ball. He is associated with ice and freezing. He is one of the tougher Evil Shenlongs and really beats on Goku pretty hard until the great Saiyan defeats him with his Ryu-Ken.


Satan (Hercules)

Mr. Satan is the strongest man on Earth who cannot manipulate Ki. After taking credit for defeating Cell he becomes an international sensation.  He has a single daughter named Videl who he doesn't worry about very much. He developed a friendship with Fat Buu when he was supposed to kill him. This friendship saved his life a couple of times. Mr. Satan is the only character living on Earth who has not died before (lucky b*st*rd).


Shenlong is the eternal dragon of the Earth Dragon Balls. He is summoned many times throughout the Dragon Ball series. Shenlong splits into the seven evil dragons in the Evil Shenlong Saga of DBGT. He merges with Goku at the end of GT, granting him ultimate power.



Slug was the main villain in movie #4. Unlike Piccolo he did not split into two beings when his spirit was tainted and so he became pure evil. Slug was very old at the beginning of the movie but became young again when his wish is fulfilled by the Dragon Balls. When he takes some damage from the Z warriors, he reveals his ultimate, giant form. He was, of course, killed by the Z warriors at the end of the movie.


Suu-Shenlong is the Evil Shenlong born from the 4 Star Dragon Ball when Piccolo-Daimao wished for his full power to be restored. This Evil Shenlong is associated with the sun and fire. Just like his other home-fries, Suu-Shenlong beats on Goku for a while before the Saiyan hero cripples him. Even after taking this devastating blow, Suu-Shenlong somehow keeps on kicking but is killed by Ii-Shenlong when he refuses to double-team Goku.


Tao Pai Pai

Tao Pai Pai fights for one thing: money. He will flee a battle if he feels it is out of his favor. After being defeated by Goku, he disappears for a bit and returns to fight in the 23rd Budoukai. Tao Pai Pai invests in mechanical limbs hoping they will give him the edge in a fight. After defeat he goes into hiding for several more years. He makes his return in the Cell saga as a henchman for a rich coward who is forcing villagers to build a protective dome. When Gohan confronts him, Tao Pai Pai realizes runs off again.



Tapion was from a world that was completely wiped out by a monster called Hildegarn. He imprisoned the monster inside himself and whenever the monster tried to take control over his body he would play a certain tune on his orcania. He carries a sword and at the end of movie #13 he gives his sword to Trunks.

Taurus (Turles)

Taurus is a Saiyan that has also escaped the liberation of Planet Vegeta. He comes to Earth with his henchmen in movie #3 and plants the Shinseiju (Tree of Might) to sap the Earth's life force for himself. Taurus admires Gohan and even attempts to force him into servitude. Like all movie villains he was eventually vanquished by Goku.

Tenshinhan (Tien)

Tenshinhan is Chiaotzu's chief bodyguard. His powers revolve around deception and multiplying various body parts. Tenshinhan is the developer of numerous techniques such as the Taiyoken and Kikoho. The three-eyed man, even though he makes few appearances later on, still plays a major roll until the Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z.


Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma. He has a sister called Bra. There are 2 Trunks. Future Trunks appeared in the Cell Saga. He traveled via a time machine to warn the Z warriors of Androids #17 and #18's coming. Chibi Trunks belongs to the present time. He spends most of his time with Goten and together they can perform Fusion to form Gotenks.


Ubuu is the good-hearted human reincarnation of Majin Buu. He inherits Mr. Satan's title of World's Greatest Fighter, and faces Goku at the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. At first, he appears not to have any great power but Goku enrages him and he begins to fight with tremendous strength, to the point that he actually hurts Goku with a kick to the arm and strike to the chest. Goku trains with him for several years after the tournament. He plays a fairly large role in DBGT.



Uu-Shenlong is the massive spawn of the 5 Star Dragon Ball when the wish was made to revive Goku for the fight with Vegeta and Nappa. He's the biggest of the Evil Shenlongs, and puts up quite a battle. His power to manipulate electricity proved to be quite a weapon against the Z Warriors. But just like all the other Evil Shenlongs, he was overtaken and destroyed by Goku.



Vegeta is the prince of the Saiyans. Since he is from the royal family of a fighting race he claims he has the bloodline to become the strongest warrior. He originally serves as one of Frieza's henchman. He is extremely jealous of Goku's superior fighting ability but actually helps him from so that he still has someone to compete with. Vegeta craves for nothing more than ultimate power until the very end of DBZ.

Vegeta Ou

King Vegeta is the father of Vegeta and King of the Saiyans. Unlike most Saiyan parents he doesn't send his son to a distant world at birth and fosters his boorish and stubborn son we all know and love (well... ok ok... I hate him). Although he is one of the strongest warriors on Planet Vegeta he proved to be no match against Frieza.


With the use of the Potara Rings, Vegeta and Goku can fuse and become Vegetto. Although he is not as arrogant as Gotenks he does waste a lot of time and his opponents often take advantage of this. The fusion is supposed to be permanent but the laws of physics change once they entered the body of Majin Buu. Vegetto differs from Gogita since Vegeta's personality is more dominant in this type of fusion.


Videl is Mr. Satan's daughter and attends the same high school as Gohan. Gohan teaches Videl how to fly and fight and she often helps the Great Saiyaman in his duties. Chi Chi wants Videl to marry her son and doesn't hide her intentions. They eventually marry one another and had a daughter named Pan. 


Yajirobe lives with Karin in the lookout (Karin's Tower) below Kami Sama's Palace. He is always fearful and glutinous. His blade mastery hardly makes up for his inability to control his Ki or to even fly. However, his delivery of Senzu Beans does come in handy when all else fails.


Yamcha was first introduced as a desert bandit. When he comes upon Goku he finds out about the Dragon Balls and tags along so he can make a wish. He gets used to Bulma on their journeys and loses his fear for women. Bulma and him are together for most of Dragon Ball and half of DBZ. Yamcha doesn't train much after the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa yet remains a capable fighter (compared to Yajirobe).


Zarbon is Frieza's right-hand man. He is somewhat a pretty-boy and possesses powerful fighting abilities to back that up. Zarbon is extremely cunning and when he is outmatched he has the ability to transform into a huge, ugly and brutal monster. Using this technique he defeated Vegeta in their first fight. He was killed in his second battle against Vegeta.

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