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Dragon Radar: The Dragon Radar was made by Bulma to find the Dragon Balls on Earth, though later it was used on fake Planet Namek and real Planet Namek to find the Namekian Dragon Balls. It proved to be a very important item in the Dragon Ball series and still maintained a decent role in the Dragon Ball Z series.

Flying Nimbus: The Flying Nimbus is a cloud that is primarily used as a flying-transport equipment. It was owned by Kamesenin and he used it to test whether Goku or Yamcha was the "good guy" at some stage in Dragon Ball. Only people with good intentions and a pure-heart can ride the Flying Nimbus; other people will fall through it. Goku was the only one who really used this equipment, but Gohan and Goten also used it a few times.

Healing Tank: The Saiyans used this machinery tank to heal themselves from injuries. The machine is filled with Saiyan DNR, which helps to raise a Saiyan's power level. Goku used this machine to recover after the battle against Captain Ginyu. Vegeta used this on Planet Frieza (Number #79) after his battle on Earth.

Nyobi Staff: The Nyobi Staff is a red rod that will extend to any length upon command by its user. It was mainly used by Goku in the Dragon Ball series.

Potara Rings: The Potara Rings were earrings worn by the Kaioshins. When two people each wear a ring from the same pair, they will become permanently fused together. Goku and Vegeta wore the rings and fused to become Vegetto. Kaioshin and Kibito also used these rings and fused together. Rou Kaioshin had one of his ring stolen by a witch and so they also fused together; I guess that is why Rou Kaioshin has mystical powers.

Senzu Beans: These beans are a form of medicine that replenishes strength and recovers any injuries on the moment it is consumed. It is produced by Karin. We usually see Yajirobe delivering Senzu Beans to the Z warriors when all else fails.

Scouters: Scouters are small mechanical devices that fit over your ear and eye. They are primarily used to measure one's power level. The scouter was mainly used in the Frieza Saga by Frieza, the Ginyu Force and Frieza's henchmen. Bulma does repair Raditz's scouter and translates the language displayed into English. These scouters can also be used for communications - even from planets to planets. This was how Vegeta and Nappa
learnt about the Dragon Balls on Earth from Raditz.

Spacepod: The spacepods are used for traveling between planets. We see them mainly being used by Vegeta, Nappa and the Ginyu Force members. The spacepods are white and round. It has a seat on the inside, a door and a window on the door for looking out.

Time Machine: The Time Machine was built in the future by Bulma so that Trunks could return to the present and heal Goku's heart attack and warn the Z warriors of Androids #17 and #18. It takes around 6 months for the machine to recharge after each round trip.

Training Capsule: The Training Capsule is a modified spaceshuttle in which Goku used to travel from Earth to Planet Namek. Built inside the capsule is a special device called Gravitron. Using this feature, Goku could train under different levels of the Earth's gravity. This spaceshuttle was modified by Dr. Briefs.