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Android #13

Android #13 is the main villain in movie #7. He traveled back in time to complete Dr. Gero's primary objective: kill Son Goku. He faces off against Goku while the other Z warriors deal with his minions. After Trunks and Vegeta defeated Androids #14 and #15, their power cells and CPUs were absorbed by Android #13, who then turns into a huge, bright blue hulk.


Android #14

Android #14 faces off against Trunks in movie #7. He is devoid of any personality, and lacks intelligence. Trunks eventually slices him in half with his sword.


Android #15

Android #15 is a small, whiskey-gulping android that solos Vegeta in movie #7. He is generally annoyed by his partner, Android #14. Vegeta decapitates him later on in the movie.


Android #16

Android #16 was created by Dr. Gero as an experiment that was never meant to be activated. Unlike his two other companions, Android #17 and Android #18, he was completely mechanical. Although he was the strongest of the three androids he was very quiet and nature-loving. He rarely ever fights unless it is absolutely necessary.


Android #17

Android #17 was created to kill Goku. He was originally a human but was reprogrammed by Dr. Gero into a slight mechanical form. He was initially under the control of Dr. Gero but eventually breaks free and kills him. Even with his creator destroyed his internal programming still gives him the urge to search for Goku and kill him. This objective was soon put behind him when he was forced to run from Cell.


Android #18

Android #18 has identical fighting skills as her brother, Android #17. Like her brother she was also part-human and part-mechanical. During her escape from Cell, Krillin falls in love with her. He used one of Shenlong's wish to remove the bomb that was built inside her. They eventually married each other and had a daughter named Marron.


Android #19

Android #19 was Dr. Gero's personal servant and bodyguard. He isn't very intelligent nor strong but he possesses the ability to sap energy from Ki attacks and through physical contact with his enemies. Android #19's downfall is that he will eventually run out of power and will need to recharge his energy constantly. This eventually led to his destruction.


Android #20 (Dr. Gero)

Back when Goku obliterated the Red Ribbon Army, a solitary scientist named Dr. Gero began researching on mechanical androids that were capable of defeating Goku. Fearing death he has his mind implanted in one of his androids shells and became Android #20. Dr. Gero is responsible for the creation of Cell and all the other androids. He has the ability to sap energy like Android #19 does. He was killed by Android #17.



Babidi is the son of Bibidi . He used the energy absorbed from powerful warriors, such as Gohan, to break the capsule that traps Majin Buu (at that stage, Fat Buu). Babidi has but one aim: revenge for his father's death. In a twist of irony Fat Buu turns on Babidi and kills him.



Bardock is Goku's father. He was hit with a strange vision that allowed him to foresee the future. He learns of Frieza's plot to destroy Planet Vegeta and attempts to stop him before it was too late. Bardock proved no match for Frieza and was killed while attempting to stop Frieza's Energy Ball. In his last moments of life he foresees the future one last time and sees his son, Goku, defeating Frieza.



Bibidi was the most powerful magician of his day. He created the demon known as Majin Buu (at that time, Kid Buu) to gain control of the Universe. His creation managed to kill and absorb all of the Kaioshins except for East Kaioshin, who in turn killed Bibidi in a showdown. His son continued his great work millions of years in the future.



Bojack is a very strong villain and is not to be taken lightly. He wears a bandanna and his skin is a blue-green color, and he is the main villain in movie #9. Bojack takes over a martial arts contest and beats on the Z warriors. However, Gohan, with the aid of his father, eventually defeats this villain.



The second child of Bulma and Vegeta; Bra plays little role in the series. She looks very much like her mother and shares many aspects of her personality. Bra serves mostly as comic relief.



Brolly is the most powerful  Super Saiyan. He exhibited tremendous power even as an infant. When Planet Vegeta was destroyed, it was this power that kept him and his father alive. As a baby he was traumatized by the constant crying of his crib mate, Goku, and developed an instinctual hatred of him.



Bulma was the second character to be introduced into the Dragon Ball series. She hits Goku while driving through the woods, searching for the Dragon Balls. She eventually persuades Goku to come along with her and thought that he would make a good bodyguard. Bulma married Vegeta and had 2 children, Trunks and Bra. She is a genius with all sorts of electronics, alien and domestics.



Burter is a member of Frieza's elite henchmen known as the Ginyu Force. He claimed to be the fastest person in the Universe and was somewhat powerful. He is the largest member of the Ginyu force and usually teams up his attacks with another Ginyu Force member, Jeice. He is still a good fighter alone.


Buu (Majin/Kid Buu)

Majin Buu (aka Kid Buu) was the original demon that Bibidi created. After absorbing North Kaioshin and Dai Kaioshin he transformed into Fat Buu and was imprisoned by East Kaioshin. Millions of years down the track, Fat Buu was released and he transformed into Super Buu. When Vegeta detached Fat Buu inside Super Buu's body, Buu transformed back into his original form again.



Cell was assembled using the DNA from the best fighters in the Universe. The project was taking too long so Dr. Gero abandoned it. The computer remained working and Cell was completed a few years after Future Trunks had destroyed Androids #17 and #18 of his time. Cell murdered Trunks and took the time machine back to our heroes' era to absorb Androids #17 and #18 thus reaching his perfect form.



Chiaotzu has the amazing ability to stop weak people in their tracks or communicate in long-distances. He is Tien's best friend (they call each other brothers). Although he puts up a good fight in the original Dragon Ball series, his power level does not increase much with training thus he was unable to keep up with the other warriors in Dragon Ball Z.


Chi Chi

Chi Chi is Goku's wife. She plays a funny role in the series and always feels very strong about Gohan's studies. She will stop at nothing to get her son to continue his work; she mainly spends her time worrying about this. No matter how powerful Goku becomes he still is very subservient to his wife.


Chi- Shenlong

Chi- Shenlong is the Evil Shenlong who was born from the 7 Star Dragon Ball when Bulma made the wish to revive everybody who had been killed by Majin Vegeta. His special ability is the power to absorb other creatures or control them telepathically. After a pretty good fight, he is killed by Goku.



The father of Frieza and Koola. King Cold came upon the remains of his son after hearing of his defeat. Believing that Freiza's loss must have been a fluke, he journeys to Earth in hopes of getting revenge. He was stopped in his tracks by Future Trunks who blows a hole in his torso and kills him.


Dai Kaio Sama

Dai Kaio Sama is the known God of the Universe; he is ranked just above King Kai and the 3 other galaxy Kaio Samas. He's very much into rock music and quite often wears something casual. Although he would never admit it, his power is nothing compared to the Z warriors.


Dai Kaioshin

The God of Gods, Dai Kaioshin was the highest diety in the Universe. He was absorbed by Majin Buu millions of years ago. Since Buu takes on the characteristics of who he absorbs he became fat and nicer, similar to Dai Kaioshin.



Darbura is the Lord of the Underworld. He was somehow possessed by Babidi into doing his bidding . Darbura is a powerful fighter. His power level will be roughly the same as Cell in his perfect form. He can change his enemies into stone with a spit of saliva. He is very loyal to Babidi but becomes jealous of Fat Buu's importance. This led to his death when he decided to challenge Fat Buu in combat.



Dende was rescued by Krillin and Gohan during Frieza's raid on Planet Namek. After Kami Sama fuses with Piccolo, Dende assumes the role of Kami on Earth. He creates his own set of Dragon Balls. Unlike Piccolo and Nail, Dende is a healer. He has no fighting abilities but possess the skill to restore health.



Dodoria is Frieza's left-hand man. He is a huge pink fighter who shows absolutely no mercy to those who are weaker than him. Even though he is fairly strong for the time of the series when he was around, he proved no match for Vegeta and was killed immediately in battle.


Dr. Wheelo

Dr. Wheelo is the main villain in the movie #2. He is a genius whose brain had been preserved by his loyal assistant. He planned to get himself transferred into the strongest body in the world, which he thought was that of Kamesenin's. But in reality, Goku was the strongest. He held Goku captive, hoping to be able to transfer his knowledge into Goku's body. 


Fat Buu (Mr. Buu)

Fat Buu is the product when Majin Buu absorbed Dai Kaioshin. He was sealed in a dome-shaped egg by Kaioshin and released on Earth millions of years later. After killing Babidi he roamed the planet and became friends with Mr. Satan. He was absorbed by his evil counterpart and returned on the final battle against Kid Buu; joining the Z warriors.



Frieza is the Prince of the Changeling Race. He runs a powerful organization that even Gods like King Kai is afraid of. His base of operations is situated on a mobile structure off Planet Frieza. In order to extend his reign and dominate the Universe, he traveled to Planet Namek where he can find the Dragon Balls that could grant him eternal life.


Garlic Jr.

Garlic Jr. is the son of Garlic who once challenged Kami Sama for the role of Earth's Kami (God). After the battle, Garlic was sent into a vast Dead Zone where he eventually died. Wanting to avenge his father's death, Garlic Jr. gathers the Dragon Balls and grants himself eternal life. In movie #1 he was defeated and sent into the Dead Zone. He returned but was once again imprisoned in the Dead Zone.



Ginyu is the leader of Frieza's elite henchmen, the Ginyu force. It is not known whether the body he first appears with is his original form since he has to power to swap bodies with other people. On accidental basis he swapped bodies with a frog while trying to exchange bodies with Vegeta; the end for him.



The favorite character among most fans of DBZ/DBGT. Gogita is the fusion between Goku and Vegeta without the Potara Rings. He makes a short appearance in movie #12 and several more occasions in DBGT. Unlike Gotenks and Vegetto (who enjoys taking their sweet time), Gogita doesn't waste a moment in battle and tries to end his enemies quickly.



Gohan is Goku's first son, who was initially trained by Piccolo after the battle with Raditz. He looks up to Piccolo for being such a great fighter and tries to imitate him by wearing similar clothes. Gohan was the first Saiyan to go SSJ2, but after the Cell Game he spends little time training and focuses on studying. He married Videl and they had a daughter named Pan.



Goku was sent to Earth as an infant so he can kill its inhabitants when he grows up. He bumped his head onto a ravine and lost all his characteristics of the evil Saiyans and developed an innocent and somewhat stupid personality. By far, Goku has the most abilities of any Z warriors. He married Chi Chi and together they have two sons, Gohan and Goten.



Goten is the second son of Goku. He spends most of his time together with Trunks and they are very good friends. Goten exhibited high power when he went SSJ at the age of seven. He bears a strong resemblance of Goku as a boy and wears a mini version of Goku's Karate Gi. He plays a major role in fusing with Trunks in the Buu Saga.



Gotenks is the result of Trunks' and Goten's Fusion. He has a tendency to over-dramaticise situations and makes up long and stupid names for his attacks. Since Gotenks is young and naive, he believes that he can defeat anyone. Most of his assaults are incredibly stupid and ineffective, but he'll squeeze in a few moves that does devastating damage.



Guldo is the weakest member of the Ginyu force. He makes up for his lack of strength with his ability to manipulate time and space. He is also able to read minds and control objects, making him capable of toppling a slightly stronger foe.


Gyuu Mao (Ox King)

Gyuu Mao is Chi Chi's father and he appears here and there throughout the series. He knows Kamesenin because they had trained together for quite some time before the Dragon Ball series. We usually get to see him verbally abused by his own daughter, Chi Chi.



In movie #13, the story is told that Hildegarn devastated the home world of that movie's hero, Tapion. His people used a magical song, played by Tapion on his ocarina, to seal Hildegarn's top half into Tapion himself and his lower half into Tapion's brother, Minosha. Hildegarn was released on Earth and killed by Goku's Ryuken in movie #13.


Ii- Shenlong

Ii- Shenlong is born from the 1 Star Dragon Ball. Near the end of Dragon Ball GT, he fuses with all seven of the Dragon Balls to become the most powerful of the Evil Shenlongs. He gives Goku and Vegeta the greatest fight in their lives, and forces them to perform fusion to become Super Saiyan 4 Gogita. Ii- Shenlong's stubborn refusal to expire comes to an end when he is destroyed by Goku's Cho Genki Dama.



Janeba is the villain in movie #12. He starts off as a very playful monster. This seemingly harmless creature becomes a smaller red-colored demon with a nasty sword. He takes fighting more seriously and loses his joyful nature. Janeba is incredibly powerful and neither Goku nor Vegeta can beat him alone.


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