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Saiyan Information

Normal Saiyan
Saiyans are the inhabitants of Planet Vegeta. They were said to possess amazing fighting abilities. Every 1000 years a Saiyan will be born with potential of becoming the strongest warrior in the Universe. Saiyans can be identified by their black hair that always stands up. Another distinctive feature of a Saiyan is their monkey-like tail.

Their tail is not just there for decoration. When a Saiyan looks into a full moon their tail will generate power and allow that particular Saiyan to surpass his own limits by changing into a giant ape called Ozouru. With this, their power gets a 10-fold increase. This form wears off when the full moon is no longer visible or when the tail is cut off.
Interesting Facts:
- Goku was born as a weak and inferior Saiyan, yet he turns out to be the most powerful Saiyan by the end of the Dragon Ball Z and GT series.
- A Saiyan cannot reach SSJ when he has a tail. Ironically he cannot transform into an Ozouru or reach SSJ4 when he hasn't got a tail.
- Trunks doesn't have black hair as a result of genetic influence from Bulma. Unlike Gohan, who is also half-human, Trunks wasn't born with a tail.

Super Saiyan (SSJ)
This form of Saiyan once again requires transformation, however, the transformation is only a matter of controlling one's anger. The act of being angry allows a Saiyan to surpass his maximum power level and convert his frustration into a new form of power. When Frieza killed Krillin, Goku's anger allowed him to be the first one to transform into SSJ.
SSJ is different from normal Saiyan in that its strength, speed and agility is greatly increased from its original form. Its physical properties are also different. SSJ has gold hair that sticks up even more than a normal Saiyan's black hair and its eyes are green instead of black.
Interesting Facts:
- Gohan, Goten and Trunks turned SSJ at an early age compared to Goku and Vegeta who only turned SSJ when they were in manhood.
- SSJ reduces the humane side and increases the evil side of a Saiyan; it increases the desire to fight, to kill and also to cause damage and havoc.
- It appears that Goten, and probably Trunks as well, learnt to transform into SSJ without necessarily being angry in any way.

Ultra Super Saiyan (USSJ)
In order to reach this form, one must push his limits to the maximum when in SSJ mode. USSJ is nothing much apart from an increase in strength that is shown by the increase of muscle sizes. Unfortunately this form has a major downfall in that the speed and agility of the performer will be greatly decreased.
Interesting Facts:
- Experienced fighters such as Goku and Vegeta chose not to use USSJ when fighting against Cell because of the decrease in speed.
- Although Cell mocked Future Trunks and Gohan for turning into USSJ, he himself also used this method when he was losing against Gohan.
- Vegeta and Cell claims that USSJ is in fact far worse than SSJ due to the major loss of speed and agility. They are wise fighters. ^^

Super Saiyan 2 (SSJ2)
Bet you never guessed this! Super Saiyan 2 is the next stage on from SSJ. It is distinguished by denser light glow and straighter hair compared to SSJ. This stage is also unlocked by being angry and frustrated during SSJ mode. When the 7 Cell Juniors were torturing the Z warriors, Gohan turned SSJ2 as a result of his anger and frustration.
Interesting Facts:
- The only person who ever used SSJ2 in a battle was Gohan. Although we do see Goku turning into SSJ2 during the Buu Saga, he was actually trying to reach SSJ3.
- Some people claimed that Cell reached SSJ2 after regeneration. The truth is no one knows, but it makes sense for him to have reached SSJ2 if he was to surpass Gohan.

Super Saiyan 3 (SSJ3)
The third form of Super Saiyan requires much more strength to achieve compared to the SSJ and SSJ2 transformation. The first person to reach this form was Goku. SSJ3 is characterized by longer gold hair and a more malicious look. The eyebrows are gone, which I thought was a pretty stupid idea. There isn't any noticeable muscle boost. I guess what counts is real power.
Interesting Facts:
- Goku wasn't able to maintain long for SSJ3 because of the amount of energy that it needs; even when he was brought back to life the same case applied.
- Gotenks reached SSJ3. I guess this suggests how powerful the fusion technique is. It was so successful that they easily surpassed Majin Buu.
- Mystic Gohan (powered up by Rou Kaioshin without the transformation of any SSJ) is even stronger than Gotenks in SSJ3 form.
- Although Brolly is the legendary Saiyan that appears every 1000 years, he never actually reached SSJ3. I think he only succeeded in reaching USSJ.

Golden Ozouru
This stage is similar to the Ozouru stage in that you also become a giant ape. This time your fur is gold instead of black, and also your power level is extraordinarily high; even higher than a SSJ3 Son Goku. Golden Ozouru is achieved when a Saiyan is in SSJ mode. You don't need a tail for this one.
Interesting Facts
- In the original Dragon Ball series, Goku loses all his sense of personality and goes berserk when he is in Ozouru mode. In the DBGT series he remains the Goku we know when he is in the Golden Ozouru mode.

Super Saiyan 4 (SSJ4)
SSJ4 is the final form of Super Saiyan in the whole of all 3 Dragon Ball series. The performer needs a tail for this transformation. After transformation he would obtain long, black hair and red marks will appear on the side of his eyes. He will obtain somewhat of a red overcoat that covers all but his chest. The eyes remain green but the yellow glow becomes very dull.
Interesting Facts:
- Goku is the only person who can actually reach SSJ4 naturally. Vegeta used a special device created by Bulma to reach into SSJ4.
- Gogita (the result of fusion between Goku and Vegeta) is the third person to reach SSJ4; Goku was first and Vegeta was second.