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Race Groups

The Saiyans first appeared on Planet Plant, home world of the Tsufurujins. They started a war to take over Planet Plant and after years of fighting they wiped out all of the Tsufurujins and renamed the planet Planet Vegeta, in honour of their leader. Prince Frieza led an assault against Planet Vegeta and killed all the Saiyans as well as destroying their planet. Only seven Saiyans survived the racial oliberation; they were Goku, Vegeta, Brolly, Paragas, Raditz, Taurus and Nappa. For more information on the Saiyans, visit Saiyan Stages.
Important Saiyans: Goku, Vegeta, Brolly, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Bra and Pan

A weak civilization that lives on Planet Earth, the place where most fighting takes place during the DBZ and DB series.
Important Humans: Tenshinhan, Krillin, Yamcha, Chi Chi, Bulma, Videl, Mr. Satan, Kamesenin, Chiaotzu and Ubuu

This civilization lived on Planet Namek and took a major roll in the Frieza Saga. Planet Namek blew up so the Nameks migrated to a new planet they named New Planet Namek. Although this race was not very powerful, their elders were the ones who created the Dragon Balls. They have a very long history.
There are 2 types of Nameks. The first is combat-type and it includes characters such as Piccolo. The other is healer-type and that includes characters such as Dende. 

Important Nameks: Piccolo, Piccolo Daimao (in DB series only), Nail, Kami Sama, Guru (Great Elder) and Dende

A race we see that lived on the Planet Arlia, until Vegeta and Nappa wiped out the planet. Also, there were no important Arlians.
Tsufurujins (Truffles)
An advanced civilization with advanced weaponry. Their home world, Planet Plant, was captured by the Saiyans and their entire civilization was also destroyed by the Saiyans during King Vegeta Ou's reign. Babi was the only Tsufurujin who survived the destruction.
Important Tsufurujins: Babi

A powerful race in which King Cold is their leader. His son, Prince Frieza, played a major role during the Frieza Saga (ok... he was the villain). They are an evil organization that takes over planets and uses its resources and inhabitants to their own advantage.
The Changelings have a special feature in that they can transform into a different level, accompanied by a power boost. Frieza had 4 different stages of transformation and Kooler had 5 different stages of transformation that they could perform.
Important Changelings: Frieza and Koola (Cooler)

These creatures grow out of the ground and come in a variety of different species. There are blue ones and green ones from what I have seen in Dragon Ball Z. There wasn't any specifically important Saibaimen.

The androids we know were created by Dr. Gero. They were created to fight and destroy things, and later on to kill Goku. This race has a thirst for killing.
Androids #19 and #20 had a special device where they could absorb energy  from a Ki or  person by placing their hands in contact with the target. Androids #16, #17 and #18 had unlimited energy that never increased or decreased. Cell grew stronger as he absorbed more living-beings. Since he has the blood of a Saiyan, he also benefits from a power boost everytime he is recovered from the verge of death.
Important Androids: Android #16, #17, #18, #20, Cell and Super #17.

Examples of the Makiojin are Garlic Jr and the Spice Boys. They live on the Makio Star and every 5000 years the Makio Star will give them temporary power.
Important Makiojins: Garlic Jr

The Kaios take care of the area within the galaxy that they live in. There are four Kaios: North, South, East and West, who each look after their designated area of the galaxy. The Kaio who oversees the whole galaxy is Dai Kaio Sama, who lives on Planet Dai Kaio.

The Kaios have a trademark technique called Kaioken. This technique puts a red glow around them and their energy is boosted to whatever level they intend to boost it to (the limit depends on your original power level).
Important Kaios: North Kaio Sama (King Kai) and Dai Kaio Sama

The Kaioshins take care of the area within the Universe that they live in. There are four Kaioshins: North, South, East and West. Their supreme ruler, the God of Gods, is Dai Kaioshin. All the Kaioshins except for East Kaioshin were slaughtered millions of years ago by Majin Buu so East Kaioshin took on the role of overseeing the whole Universe.
The Kaioshins each have their own set of Potara Rings which allow the two different people wearing them to become permanently fused.
Important Kaioshins: Kaioshin (formerly East Kaioshin) and Rou Kaioshin.