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Wishes Made

Dragon Ball Wishes

Oolong's wish for panties.
This wish was made when Goku and his friends were trapped in a cage and Pilaf was about to make a wish. Oolong transformed into a bat and escaped from the cage. At the last minute he got in the way of Pilaf and wished for panties.  

Granted by: Shenlong

Wish for Upa's father's revival.
An Indian boy named Upa lost his father in a Tenkaichi Budoukai when Tao Pai Pai killed him by throwing him on a sharp object. Goku wished for Upa's father to be revived. 

Granted by: Shenlong

Piccolo Daimao's wish for youth.
This wish was made after Kamesenin died. When Piccolo Daimao wanted to become stronger he wished to be young again. 

Granted by: Shenlong

Krillin, Kamesenin and Chiaotzu returns.
This wish was made in the end of Dragon Ball when Goku had defeated Piccolo Daimao. Now that Daimao was gone so was Shenlong. Goku went to Kami Sama's Palace and told him to bring back Shenlong. When Shenlong was able to be summoned, Goku told him to revive Krillin, Kamesenin, and Chiaotzu. 

Granted by: Shenlong

Dragon Ball Z Wishes

Goku's Revival.
This wish was made after Piccolo used Makankosappo to kill Goku and Raditz. At Kame House the Z warriors gathered the Dragon Balls and wished that Goku would be brought back to life. 

Granted by: Shenlong

Piccolo is revived and arrives on Namek.
This wish was made in the Frieza saga when Dende, Gohan, and Krillin gathered Planet Namek's Dragon Balls. With these Dragon Balls, they would be granted three wishes. They wished that Piccolo would be revived, and the second wish was to bring Piccolo to Planet Namek.  They used the third wish later on.

Granted by: Porunga

Revival from Frieza's killing spree.
This wish was made in the Frieza Saga when Mr. Popo gathered the Earth Dragon Balls. Goku told Kami Sama to tell Mr. Popo to wish that everyone who was killed by Frieza to be revived. 

Granted by: Shenlong 

Everyone returns to Earth, except for Goku and Frieza.
This wish is continued after the last wish because when everyone was restored on Planet Namek, so was Guru, and the Planet Namek Dragon Balls were also restored therefore Porunga was up and waiting for someone to make the last wish. So now Dende was alive, Goku told Guru to tell Dende to make a wish to transport everyone from Planet Namek to Earth, except for Frieza and Goku. 

Granted by: Porunga 

Krillin and Yamcha are revived.
This wish was made when everyone was on Earth and so was Planet Namek's Dragon Balls. After the balls were regenerated, Dende wished that Krillin to be sent to Earth's check-in station and then wished for him to be revived. For the third wish, Dende told Porunga to revive Yamcha. 

Granted by: Porunga 

Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu are revived. New Namekian civilization.
After the first wish, they all had to wait until the Planet Namek Dragon Balls were regenerated again. Then Dende wished for Tenshinhan to be brought back, the second was to bring back Chiaotzu. The third wish was going to be reviving Goku, however Goku wasn't dead as they had thought so, therefore the third wish was for Dende and the rest of the Namekians to be transported to another planet and start a new civilization. 

Granted by: Porunga 

After the Cell Game.
Dende had now became the Kami of Earth at this time, and he made new Dragon Balls that had his own Shenlong (this one granted three wishes). On Kami Sama's Palace, they already had all the Dragon Balls and wished for everyone that was killed by Cell to be revived. The second wish was for the self-destruction bomb to be taken out of Android #18. They had no need for a third wish so it was not granted. 

Granted by: Shenlong

Innocent lives revived.
This wish was made in the Buu Saga after Majin Vegeta had killed several innocent lives in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. Bulma gathered the Earth Dragon Balls and wished that every person who was killed after Babidi's arrival on Earth to be revived. 

Granted by: Shenlong 

Earth and its people are restored and Goku's at his maximum.
This wish was made in the Buu Saga after Buu had released his deadly Genocide Attack
and destroyed the Earth. Dende went to New Planet Namek and used the Namekian Dragon Balls to restore the Earth. Next he revived everyone good person who was killed by Buu. The third wish was to give Goku back his full strength. 

Granted by: Porunga 

Forget Majin Buu, let's introduce Ubuu.
This wish was made after Buu was killed and Dende had gathered the Earth Dragon Balls. He made a wish that everyone on Earth would forget about Buu and the havoc he created on Earth so that Fat Buu can live happily with the Z warriors. The second wish was to revive Kid Buu into Ubuu since Goku saw him as a worthy fighter.

Granted by: Shenlong 

Dragon Ball GT Wishes

Goku became a kid.
This wish was made at the start of Dragon Ball GT when Pilaf gathered the Earth Dragon Balls and wished that Goku would become a kid like he was in the Dragon Ball series. 

Granted by: Shenlong

A new planet created.
This wish was made in the Babi Saga when Babi wished for his own planet to be created in replacement of his ancestors' Planet Plant. 

Granted by: Shenlong

Earth restored again.
This wish was made with the Earth Dragon Balls to restore Earth after it had been destroyed due to the one year limit passed on the Black Star Dragon Balls. 
Granted by: Shenlong 

Shenlong makes the first allowance.
This wish was made when the Black Star Dragon Ball Guardians were all destroyed. Earth' s Shenlong actually made this wish by himself to restore everyone killed by the Black Star Dragon Ball Shenlongs. It was kind of requested by Goku though.

Granted by: Shenlong 

Years down the track - recover Grandmother Pan.
This wish was made by Goku Jr (Pan's grandson) to restore his grandmother's health so that she would not die from whatever illness she was suffering from.

Granted by: Shenlong