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The Vegeta Saga

Goku had a reunion with his friends and introduced his five-year old son, Gohan. At the same time a Saiyan landed on Earth and searched for Goku. He introduced himself as Raditz, Goku's older brother. He told Goku about the Saiyans and demanded Goku to join him in the Saiyans' quest for "Universal Domination". When Goku refused, Raditz kidnapped Gohan and blackmailed Goku to kill 100 innocent civilians before sunset. Goku decided to rescue Gohan by killing Raditz. Surprisingly Piccolo had already encountered Raditz. He saw Raditz as a great threat and decided to ally with Goku.

During the battle Piccolo decided to gather energy to cast Makankosappo on Raditz. Goku performed Kamehameha but it failed to kill Raditz. Towards the end Goku held his brother on a hold while Piccolo unleashed Makankosappo. The beam blasted through Goku and Raditz. Piccolo laughed at the dying Raditz and mocked him that Goku will be brought back to life by the Dragon Balls. Raditz recorded this information on his scouter and sent the news of Dragon Balls to his comrades just before he died.

Piccolo discovered that Gohan possessed powerful hidden powers. He took Gohan away and began training him. Kami Sama negotiated with Enma Kaio (King Yama), King of the Underworld, and instead of going to Heaven Goku was given a quest. His quest was to run on Serpent Road (Snake Way) and find North Kaio Sama (King Kai) to receive training from him. Everyone else, except Piccolo and Gohan, received training from Kami Sama.

One year later, Nappa and Vegeta arrived on Earth. First came the battle against the Saibaimen that Nappa planted. The Saibaimen only managed to kill Yamcha. Our heroes fought Nappa while Vegeta stood in the background. After a series of battles three other Z warriors died. Chiaotzu died when he self-destructed on Nappa; Tenshinhan died by using up all his energy on Kikoho, which missed Nappa and Piccolo died when he was protecting Gohan from Nappa's fireball.
Finally, Goku returned and easily defeated Nappa. Vegeta saw Nappa useless and killed him in honour of the Saiyans. Goku began to fight against Vegeta. The odds were against Vegeta so he created an energy ball that substitutes the moon. He looked into the energy ball and turned into an Ozouru (a giant ape). Our hero gets kicked around but Vegeta's tail was cut off by Yajirobe so he changed back into human form. Goku donated energy to his Genki Dama and gave it to Krillin. The fireball struck Vegeta but he managed to survive. Meanwhile, Gohan's tail grew back. Gohan turned into an Ozouru and beats up Vegeta.
Gohan got his tail cut off by Vegeta and finally turned back into a little boy landing right on top of the fallen Saiyan. As Krillin was about to kill Vegeta Goku told him to spare Vegeta. Vegeta saw his chance to escape and immediately boarded the space shuttle.