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The Evil Shenlong Saga

When Shenlong was summoned something goes wrong. An evil Shenlong appears and laughs wickedly. Our heroes learn that the Dragon Balls have cracked due to the negative energy that was stored inside the balls when evil-related wishes were made. A cloud appears around the evil Shenlong and it transforms into seven evil dragons, each representing a Dragon Ball. The dragons fly off in different directions and wreck chaos. Each dragon has its own element. When it finds that element, it will take on its true form.

Goku and Pan fly off to fight these dragons. First, they encounter Ryan-Shenlong. Ryan-Shenlong tells them that he was born when Bora was wished back to life. This dragon of the 2 star Dragon Ball is of water pollution. He was tricked into swimming in clean water and is weakened by this action. Goku and Pan attack and kill him. The 2 star Dragon Ball was restored. Next, Goku and Pan follow the Dragon Radar's signal and encounter Uu-Shenlong. It was born from the 5 star Dragon Ball when Goku was wished back to life after the fight with Raditz. The dragon of electricity was weakened in rain and destroyed in its weakened state. The 5 star Dragon Ball was therefore restored.

Ryuu-Shenlong is the next to appear. This dragon was born when Oolong made the wish for women's underwear while fleeing from Pilaf. This dragon possesses the power of hurricanes. Goku learns of it's weakness and attacks it on the head. Ryuu-Shenlong was easily defeated and the 6 star Dragon Ball was restored.

Following this, Goku and Pan fly to Chi-Shenlong, which was born from the 7 star
Dragon Ball when all the people killed by Majin Vegeta were wished back to life. Pan gets tricked and trapped in the dragon's body. Goku rescues her and destroys Chi-Shenlong. Another Dragon Ball was recovered. Suu-Shenlong appeared next. It was born when Piccolo was wished back to life. The dragon of sun is associated with the 4 star Dragon Ball. It challenges Goku in a match and the two fight. All of a sudden, San-Shenlong, who is Suu-Shenlong's brother of the 3 star Dragon Ball, appears. After getting mocked by his brother for losing honour in interfering with the match, the dragon of ice fights Goku by himself. He was slayed in battle and Goku and Suu-Shenlong continued their match.

Goku admires Suu-Shenlong's sense of honor. The match was interfered again when  Ii-Shenlong of the 1 star Dragon Ball killed Suu-Shenlong. Goku defeats him but the dragon survives. It defeats Pan and steals all the restored Dragon Balls. Ii-Shenlong fuses with the balls and powers up. SSJ 4 Goku was no match for it in its fused state. Bulma creates a Brute Ray that allowed Vegeta to go SSJ level 4, and Vegeta joins Goku in battle. The two are still no match for Ii-Shenlong. Another strategy is used: Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta fused and became Super Saiyan 4 Gogita.

Ii-Shenlong was kicked around and the Dragon Balls were restored. Unfortunately, the fusion of SSJ4 Gogita wears off before Ii-Shenlong was killed. Ii-Shenlong fuses with the Dragon Balls once again, but Goku gets to the 4 star Dragon Ball before Ii-Shenlong can and swallows it so that the dragon can't fuse with it. Eventually, Goku spits the Dragon Balls back out and Ii-Shenlong absorbs it. Vegeta suggests to use fusion again, but Goku is too weak to go Super level 4.He remains in his small size; he cannot fuse with Vegeta in this state due to size differences. Ii-Shenlong boasts to kill Goku and Vegeta.
One last chance of hope remains. Goku begins to create a Genki Dama. Everyone on Earth raises their hands to donate energy to Goku. Goku teleports to Kaioshin and tells him that the energy is not enough. Kaioshin agreed to help seek life forms across the galaxy to help donate energy to Goku. All the characters encountered in space in the Babi Series are shown again and they all raise their hands. Goku's Genki Dama destroys Ii-Shenlong.

All the Dragon Balls were restored, but something is wrong. Shenlong appears without being summoned and tells that he will not make any more wishes because of all the trouble the Dragon Balls have caused. Goku convinces it to make the final wish of restoring all the civilians killed during the fights against the dragons. The wish was granted, and Goku was told to ride on Shenlong's back. Goku does so. Chi Chi and her sons go home to prepare a big feast while awaiting Goku's return, unaware of what's going on.

Pan notices Goku's tattered clothes on the ground and asks if her grandpa is gone for good. Vegeta replies that he is. On the dragon's back, Goku visits the Z warriors. At the end, Goku lies down and the Dragon Balls fused with Goku and he disappeared. Shenlong coils up and flies at the camera. The screen turns white.

100 years later, Goku Jr. (Pan's grandson) was at the latest Tenkaichi Budoukai tournament. He is about to compete against Vegeta Jr. , one of Vegeta's descendants. The two boys go to Super Saiyan level and fight. Pan is a spectator in the audience. She notices  Goku watching the fight at the other side of the stadium. She runs to him, but loses her grandfather in the crowd. This marks the end of the Dragon Ball GT series.