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Paozu Mountain
Although I don't think it was ever given a name in the manga, Paozu Mountain is where Goku grew up with his grandfather, Gohan. Bulma met Goku here.

Old Son Gohan's House
Old Son Gohan's house is where Goku lived until he met Bulma. It is a very small house but big enough for two people to live fairly comfortably. It is on the top of Paozu Mountain and is very far away from any modern civilization.

Son Goku's House
This is where Goku and his family lived once he married Chi Chi. It is located within visual distance of Son Gohan's house and is right next to a river on Paozu Mountain.

The Kame House
Located on a small island in the middle of the ocean. This is where Kamesenin (Master Roshi) and Umigame lived. Krillin moved in too after he was introduced to the series. Lunch lived there as a caretaker/cook until Goku defeated Piccolo during the Tenkaichi Budoukai. This place also served somewhat as a gathering place due to its isolation; when big and powerful enemies wreaked havoc on Earth the good guys stayed there so they can plan their next move and not be found.

This is a small village in the middle of the country that never was given a name (we only get to see "Village" on the sign in the manga and the sign was destroyed in the show). This is the village that Oolong was terrorizing into supplying him with young girls. It was only in one episode of the first series but was a fairly important place all the same, being where Oolong made his first appearance.

Yamcha's desert
When we first get to see Yamcha, he was living in a hollowed-out mesa in the middle of a large desert. This desert is gigantic as well as being very hot. It is characterized by an abundance of mesas like the one Yamcha lived in. Anyone who traveled through this desert became Yamcha's victim; he robbed them.

Frypan Mountain
This was where Gyuu Mao (Ox King) and his daughter Chi Chi lived. It is a tall mountain with a castle at the top in which Gyuu Mao lived and kept his treasures. By the base of the mountain is a destroyed village. One day while Gyuu Mao was looking for a wedding dress, "fire from the heavens" came down and set the castle on fire.

The Mushroom Village
This small village is located to the far west of Frypan Mountain. It is characterized by very tall mushrooms surrounding the general area. Here is where the Usagidan were terrorizing.

Pilaf's Castle
Pilaf lived alone with his two subordinates, Shuu and Mai, in this castle. It is a huge, extravagant castle filled with traps and pitfalls for those who wander in uninvited. It is also the first place in the series that Shenlong was summoned.

Kamesenin's Training Island
When Kamesenin trained his pupils, he makes the Kame House into a capsule and takes it to a larger island with many good places to train in - including large jungles filled with wild animals; large fields to till; a mountain to climb; big boulders to move and a large lake with sharks in it to practice speed-swimming. This is the place where Goku, Krillin, Old Son Gohan (Goku's grandfather) and Gyuu Mao were trained.

Papaya Island and the Tenkaichi Budoukai
Papaya Island is an island in the south seas where every five years (later became every three years) martial artists from all over the world competed in a famous tournament known as the Tenkaichi Budoukai.

It is the place where the martial artists compete to earn the title of being the best fighter in the world. The tournament itself is a series of one-on-one matches. The winner would advance to the next round until only one person is left. The rules of the Budoukai are as follows: you lose if you are knocked out for a ten count, knocked out of the ring, or if you say surrender. You also lose if you kill your opponent.

There is a grand total of eight Budoukai in the DB/DBZ series but some were cut short due to certain circumstances.

Namu's Village
Namu lives in a small village in a hot part of the earth. Because there was a drought he entered the Tenkaichi Budoukai in order to buy water for his village with the prize money. He eventually realized the water was free so he didn't need to buy it.

Silver Taisa's camp
Upon hearing that there was a Dragon Ball, the head of the Red Ribbon Army sent Silver Taisa here to find it. While searching for Suushinchuu, the Dragon Ball with 4 stars, Goku happened to encounter upon Silver and fought him here. This is located in a hilly area of the world, with a few forests of small trees as well.

Jingle Village
Located in the far north, Jingle Village is an arctic town surrounded by mountains. When Goku's plane crashed he was saved by Snow from Jingle Village. The village was being terrorized by the Red Ribbon Army and their elder had been kidnapped and was being held in Muscle Tower.

Muscle Tower
This is the Red Ribbon Army's northern outpost, a six-leveled armed tower that looks a lot bigger from the inside than the outside. The head of the tower is White Shogun, who has the elder of Jingle Village captive on the top floor. On each floor there is a different enemy that Goku has to get past to advance to the next floor. From the bottom up, the main feature of each level was - Level 1: we never see, Goku enters on the 2nd floor. Level 2: Red Ribbon Army Grunts. Level 3: Metallic Gunso, a robot. Level 4: Murasaki Socho, a ninja. Level 5: Android #8. Level 6: White Shogun.

The Western Capital, and the Capsule Corporation
A large, advanced city in the West. This is where Bulma and her parents live and is also where Capsule Corporation is located. The Capsule Corporation is the mansion where Bulma and her parents live and where the Hoipoi Capsules were invented by Dr. Briefs. Because the Hoipoi Capsules are used so widely throughout the world, Bulma's family is VERY rich and has all sorts of robotic servants and exotic animals within their mansion.

Seichi (Holy Land)
Seichi is a deeply forested area that Bora and his son Upa protect. It is also where Karin's tower is located. This is also the place that Goku first encounters Tao Pai Pai. This is also where Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks fought Majin Buu.

Karin's Tower
This tower, located in Seichi, is very skinny and so tall that you can't even begin to see the top from the base. It even took Goku a full day to climb up it. Karin lives at the top of the tower where he harvests the Senzu Beans and protects the Choseisui and the Choshinsui. From the top of the tower he can see what is going on down on the earth.

And, far above the tower...

Kami Sama's Palace
This palace is where Kami Sama and Mr. Popo lives. It is located high above Karin's Tower; so high that it isn't even visible from the top of the tower. It is very large and shaped somewhat like the bottom part of a sphere cut in half. On the flat floor of the semi-sphere is a palace and some trees as well. From here Kami Sama can see what is going on in anywhere of the world. Like the Kame House, Kami Sama's Palace is a place
to hide and plan while really powerful villains wreak havoc down on the Earth.

Also in the Palace...

Seishin to Toki no Heya
Roughly translated as the Room of Spirit & Time. It is a special room located in the palace. Actually, it is a connection to a parallel dimension. The dimension it connects to is a huge, white, flat planet with only a building with a bath and a toilet. The temperature fluctuates greatly, from 50 C (122 F) to -40 C. Also the gravity there is 10 times that of Earth. Only two people are allowed inside at one time but what really is important about the place is that time passes there much faster than the outside world. 1 normal day is the equivalent to 1 year when inside the Room of Spirit & Time, therefore, it is an ideal place to train (which is its primary purpose in the series).

The Red Ribbon Army Headquarters
This is a very large, heavily guarded fortress where the main forces of the Red Ribbon Army stay and Red and Black make all their decisions. It's also where their Dragon Balls were being held, so therefore Goku goes and attacks it single-handedly. This is where Goku first encounters Red and Black, the masterminds of the Red Ribbon Army.

Uranai-no-Baba's place
Here, Uranai-no-Baba tells the future for an exorbitant rate of 10,000,000 zeni (Dragon Ball World currency). If you can't pay that much then you have to fight five of her champions before the future can be told. The first two you have to fight in a mini Tenkaichi Budoukai outback, and the second two you have to fight in the Demon's Toilet. The Demon's Toilet is a pool of bubbling lava/poison/acid.

High above the pool are two huge gargoyles sticking out their tongues, and you have to fight on the tongues without falling off. The last fight was back out at the mini Budoukai. Goku couldn't afford the fee so he had to fight.

The Jungle where Goku met Yajirobe
In an attempt to avenge Krillin's death, Goku fought with Tamborine on the Kintoun only to be defeated in midair and knocked to the ground. He landed here, in this jungle. He was awakened by the smell of a cooking fish and went to eat it. However, the fish belonged to Yajirobe who appeared soon afterwards. This is also the area where Yajirobe killed Cymbal who arrived looking for his Dragon Ball.

Giran's Village
This is the village that Giran lived in. The only time it ever appeared in the story is when Tamborine went to kill him, which he did successfully.

The Battleground between Kamesenin and Piccolo Daimao
Originally intending to banish Piccolo Daimao by using the Dragon Balls, Kamesenin was forced to fight here when Piccolo Daimao swallowed the Dragon Balls. Kamesenin died from the exertion of firing a missed Mafuba and Piccolo-Daimao was able to use the Dragon Balls to make himself younger.

The Central Capital
This city is where the Emperor lives in a part of the city called King Castle. This is also where Piccolo Daimao launched his plan to conquer the world by capturing the Emperor and making him declare Piccolo Daimao as the new world ruler. It is a fairly large castle with a surrounding suburban town. It is here where Goku killed Piccolo Daimao.

Raditz's Landing Spot
When Raditz first came to Earth to collect Goku, he landed here, right near a farm. The farmer, noticing the landing, came to check it out. He tried to shoot Raditz when he came out but Raditz caught the bullet and flicked it back at the farmer, killing him.

The Mountain where Piccolo and Raditz first met
Thinking it was Goku, Raditz flew here and found Piccolo. They then fought, and Raditz was interrupted by finding the real Goku and left.

The Place where Gohan Trained
Although it was never given a name in the manga or the anime, this area is where Piccolo trained Gohan, and where the first encounter with Vegeta and Nappa took place. Nobody lives here except for some big dinosaurs. It has a lot of big cliffs and a few trees, but other than that there are no remarkable physical characteristics.

The Eastern Capital
This is the major metropolis in the eastern part of the world. When Vegeta and Nappa first came to earth, their space capsules landed here. Upon landing, Nappa promptly destroyed the entire district of the Eastern Capital.

The Battleground Between Vegeta and Goku
After the battle against the Saiyans which claimed the lives of half of the Z Fighters, Goku went here with Vegeta to fight one-on-one. Yajirobe was just sort of there and eventually Krillin and Gohan came to save Goku. The fight ended after Gohan flattened Vegeta as an Ozouru (a giant monkey).

This frozen continent in the far north is where Kami Sama first landed when he came from Planet Namek. It is also where his spaceship remained even after he went to live in his palace. With Mr. Popo's help, Bulma found the spaceship and thus was able to go to Planet Namek to find the Dragon Balls.

Frieza's Landing Spot
In an attempt to get revenge on Goku for defeating him and marring his body, Frieza came to Earth and this is where he landed. He was going to wait for Goku here and have his men eliminate all the Earthlings on the planet. Trunks arrived first and killed Frieza and his men.

The Southern Capital
This is a large city on a large island near Papaya Island. Although people have mentioned it from time to time in the anime and manga, nobody has ever actually been there.

The Island Where Androids #19 and #20 appeared
Located just off the southern coast of the island where the Southern Capital is located, this is where Android #19 and Android #20 first appeared. It is a fairly small island but it has a thriving city there. Because of Trunks' warning, the Z fighters managed to get there at the onset of the android's attack but were not able to stop them from leveling the town.

The Northern Capital
This is the major metropolis located in the northern part of the world. The only time it ever appeared in the story was when Piccolo, Krillin and Tenshinhan were searching for Dr. Gero's laboratory to prevent him from activating Androids #17 and #18.

Dr. Gero's Lab
Located in a cave in the side of a mountain, Dr. Gero's lab is where he conducts his experiments and keeps Androids #16, #17, and #18. After getting beaten up badly by Piccolo, Dr. Gero (Android #20) retreated here to activate Androids #17 and #18. In an attempt to stop #18 from activating #16, Trunks destroyed the lab. In addition, Dr. Gero has a secret lab located below the mountain that his normal lab is in. This is where his main computer created Cell even after his death.

This is a suburb of the Western Capital. All of a sudden the entire population mysteriously vanished. In reality, the population of Gingertown were Cell's first victims; in order to get stronger, he absorbed all of them with his tail. Piccolo also came here looking for Cell.

The Cell Game
After transforming into perfect form, Cell decided to hold a Cell Game, much like the Tenkaichi Budoukai except that there were two major differences: every fight would be against Cell and there was no 10-count rule. You would fight until you were knocked out, surrendered, or killed. The Cell Game was constructed in a wide, uninhabited (at least uninhabited after Cell got there) area. The ring itself is much larger than that of the Tenkaichi Budoukai and there were four pointed tower-like constructions at each corner. Cell eventually destroyed the stage when he wanted more room to fight against Goku.

Parsley City
This suburb of the Western Capital is where Trunks fought Androids #17 and #18 in the future and won an overwhelming victory.

Trunks' Future
The first time we get to see Trunks' future is at the end of Manga Volume #33 in a special story telling the story of how Trunks first came to Earth. Trunks' Future is somewhat of an alternate dimension; when he went back in time he created an alternate timeline even though he still existed. In Trunks' future, Androids #17 and #18 were far more malicious than in the "normal" timeline. They were constantly going on killing sprees, destroying more than half the Earth's population. It looks a lot like a post-holocaust world. Future Trunks' last and very final appearance (of the episode-series) is here.

Satan City
After Mr. Satan claimed that he killed Cell, his hometown was renamed Satan City. This
is where Gohan goes to school with Videl, Shapner, and Ireza at the Orange Star High School. Satan City is also the place where Gohan lived out his short career as a superman hero, the Great Saiyaman. (Was it short? Maybe he continued as G.S.M after the Buu Saga...who knows). The Satan City manga installments and TV episodes did not go on for very long but were some of my favorites. :)

Babidi's Spaceship
Babidi's ship is a fairly large rocket-shaped spaceship set into the ground with only the tip sticking out of the surface. There are several levels in the center of the ship, each guarded by one of Babidi's henchmen. All of these stages are connected via a central pipe. Babidi also has the ability to transport anyone in a stage along with the pipe opening to any place he chooses. At the very base of the spaceship is where Majin Buu's dome is kept. The walls of the ship are made so as to absorb energy that are lost during fighting and thus transferred to Majin Buu for his awakening.

The Battleground between Goku and Vegeta
After being controlled by Babidi, Vegeta made Goku fight him and the two were teleported here. The fight that occurred here bought time for enough energy to be gathered for reviving Majin Buu at full power.

Fat Buu's house
Using people that were changed into clay, Fat Buu builds a house as somewhat of a base which looks like a big dog of some sort. Although a fairly minor place in the series, it does have some importance in that it is the birthplace of Super Buu and also where the friendship between Mr. Satan, Fat Buu and their dog, Bee, started .