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The Cell Saga

Three years have passed since Future Trunk's first arrival. Vegeta had now joined the Z warriors. Future Trunks had just returned to the present only to find what is happening was different from what had happened in his era. There were 3 other androids, namely Android #16, #19 and #20. Androids #17 and #18 in the present were a lot stronger than those in his era. A new creature called Cell had also came from the future in order to absorb Androids #17 and #18 . Vegeta was able to turn into Super Saiyan and  Piccolo had fused with Kami Sama in order to fight against Cell. Dende is now Earth's Kami.
We begin our summary when Piccolo entered battle against Android #17. Vegeta and Trunks were training in the Room of Spirit and Time back in Kami Sama's Palace. Goku and Gohan, knowing they needed training before entering battle, were waiting for their usage of the Room. Cell arrived to the battle and defeated Piccolo, then absorbed Android #17 after a confrontation with Android #16. Vegeta arrived and overwhelmed Cell. Cell pledged Vegeta to let him find and absorb Android #18. He told Vegeta that he could defeat him if he did so. Vegeta didn't believe him so released him to prove that he was wrong. Trunks tried to stop Cell from escaping and began fighting Vegeta.  During the chaos Cell found Android #18 and absorbed her. He transformed into Perfect Cell. Vegeta and Trunks were both easily outmatched against him. No one can offer Cell a decent challenge so he anticipated the Cell Game, a tournament where if he wins he will destroy the Earth. His aim was to fight Goku although anyone could participate.

The tournament began. First a human fighter, Mr. Satan (who is really a coward), went head on with Cell. He was defeated by a slap from Cell but he blamed his defeat on slipping over. The population, not knowing how much stronger Cell is, relaxed to hear that Mr. Satan will re-enter battle as soon as he has recovered from stomach pain. Goku fought against Cell. The battle ended with Goku surrendering. Next Gohan fought against Cell and learnt to transform into Super Saiyan 2 when he saw the 7 Cell Jr torturing the other Z Warriors. He overpowered Cell but Cell charged up his power in an attempt to self-destruct and destroy everything including the planet.


Goku teleported him to a safe distance; North Kaio Sama's (King Kai's) Planet. Cell blew up killing both Goku and North Kaio Sama. Cell regenerated from one piece of body cell and acquired the teleportation technique. He returned to Earth and knocked out Future Trunks. Struck with rage, Vegeta attacked Cell and was nearly killed. Gohan saved Vegeta from the destructive Ki fired by Cell and as a result his right arm was crippled. Cell released Kamehameha and Gohan used the same technique (but with his left arm only) to counter his Ki. As the Ki battle went on, Goku (who was now in heaven) communicated with Gohan through North Kaio Sama's power and encouraged him not to give up. Piccolo unleashed Makankosappo from behind but proved very little help. He was then assisted by Krillin, Yamcha as well as Tenshinhan's Kikoho. They were all blasted away by Cell. Just as things looked worse, Vegeta released a gigantic Ki on Cell and weakened his Kamehameha. Gohan took the chance and killed Cell once and for all.


Everyone was brought back to life except for Goku because he had already been revived by the Earth Dragon Balls once. The Z Warriors decided to use the Namek Dragon Balls but Goku told them not to bother. He had decided to remain in heaven since North Kaio Sama granted him eternal youth and allowed him to keep his body as a reward for saving Earth. North Kaio Sama also received the same treatment since he was a god. Trunks bid the heroes farewell then returned to his era and killed Androids #17, #18 and Cell.

16 years have passed and Gohan was about to enter High School where he will meet Mr. Satan's daughter, Videl. A whole new saga will then evolve from there. New people  will be introduced, Goku will return and of course a whole new set of villains will be seen.