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Updates - Our Forum

20th March, 2002

Send Suggestions : It's sure been a while since our last community update! We removed our two cute mascots after a continual flow of e-mails that argued its removal will free up loading time and restore more potential bandwidth on the index page. In the pass month, there were also many other e-mails that dealt with various issues on the site. We appreciate your suggestions, but it should be noted that it takes time for all the suggestions to be implemented onto the site. Be patient if your inquiry is not responded upon. We encourage everybody to continue sending suggestions - its a good reflection of everybody's keen interest status quo.

NEW DBZ Movie : FUNimation announced that it will be producing a new Dragon Ball Z movie after the Japanese series' success on home television. 20th Century Fox will present the movie with live action actors between the fall of 2003 and 2004. The project is still in its early phases so actors have yet to be confirmed. It could be quite intriguing to see western-oriented actors in a Japanese-typified environment with implementations such as capsule space jets and glooming fireballs that can cause greater impact than the September 11th attack.

Yu Yu Yields Success : FUNimation reports that Yu Yu Hakusho was a huge success last month when it yielded over 1 million Cartoon Network fans on its first episode, Ghost Files. Following this success, we could expect huge Yusuke campaigns in America, Canada, Europe and Australia. Key FUNimation figures have yet to anticipate Yu Yu Hakusho's future in these markets, but early statistics display a rather influential anime-convert-cartoon that could generate "huge impact on fans aged 6-17," claims professional analysts.


22nd February, 2002

Planet Namek : I guess it's fair to pay tribute to Planet Namek for all their pass contribution to Dragon Ball. The site has finally closed down, to many people's surprise. It is impossible to deny the influence Planet Namek had on Dragon Ball. They were so widely-recognized and popular that FUNimation had to make deals with them. It's hard to imagine how they ran out of financial funding to keep the site up. Nonetheless, despite our thorough library of Dragon Ball information, we must admit that Planet Namek really was The One and Only.

Video Game Trailer : If you visit FUNimation's official site you can find 4 trailers of the two new products, "Legacy of Goku" and "Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game" (which is in fact the name of the video game). They say that both games are coming out in June, and will definitely be released on the Game Boy Advance. We have yet to confirm its release on other consoles.

Yu Yu Tapes : The Z Store is selling Yu Yu Hakusho tapes, unfortunately only the first two episodes. Of course, you can always purchase them on DVDs as well - but only a fool would be purchasing DVDs from Z Store. You can probably get the subtitled DVDs at less than 10% what Z Store would charge you. The dubbing is rather poor. So why bother?


29th January, 2002

Dragon Ball Z Game : Yes! We finally have an accurate news account on the new DBZ videogame. Well, here it is: "Infogrames finally makes a game for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and the PC. Games such as The Legacy of Goku and the revered Collectible Card Game into a video game. It's kind of like bringing those Poke'mon cards into an interactive card video game."

"You won't have to worry about looking up the rules as CCG will tell you if you can use a particular card during battle or non-battle situations, making this game sound easy. In single-player mode, you'll battle three characters on a progressive level. Once you beat a level, a new character will become available for you to choose. As I word this, the go through each page, as it follows the screen caps."

Yu Yu Hakusho Starts Airing : Official sources tell us that Cartoon Network will finally begin airing the newly anticipated Japanese-converted anime, Yu Yu Hakusho, every Saturday night from 11pm - 2am starting 23rd February. Visit www.yuyuhakusho.com for more information.

FUNimation Buys New Anime : With Blue Gender and Yu Yu Hakusho on its way to Cartoon Network, FUNimation has made another successful bid to dub and broadcast a new Japanese series, Fruits Basket, in the western world. In fact, Fruit Baskets is a new series in Japan. Depending on how well Yu Yu Hakusho does in USA, I won't give any comments as to whether you should look forward to the subtitled or dubbed series. 

An interesting note might reassure any anime-fan. "Fruits Basket is produced by Studio Deen, which is known for great anime including Hunter X Hunter, You're Under Arrest, Moncore Nights, Eat Man and Rurouni Kenshin." I guess that might settle any worries that Fruits Basket would resemble the likes of Sailor Moon And Card Captor Sakura (aka Cardcaptors).