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Anoyo is the afterworld. Everyone in the universe who dies goes straight to Anoyo and from there go either to Tenkoku (Heaven) or Jigoku (Hell).

Enma Kaio's (King Yama's ) Palace
Everyone who dies is judged by Enma Kaio and sent either to Tenkoku or Jigoku. Most people who go in front of Enma Kaio are spirits but a few people who did exceptional things during their lives get to keep their bodies.

The Serpent Road (Snake Way)
This is the Serpent Road, a 1000000 kilometer long road that looks like a snake. At the end of the road is North Kaio Sama's (King Kai's) Planet, where Goku went to train. Around the Serpent Road are endless clouds, under which is Jigoku. In order to get to North Kaio Sama's Planet, you have to go by the Serpent Road or teleport there.

Jigoku (Hell)
This is where all the bad people get sent to after they die. In the manga we never see Jigoku, but in the anime we see Jigoku several times; including one time when Goku accidentally fell off the Serpent Road while trying to reach North Kaio Sama's Planet.

Tenkoku (Heaven)
This is where all the good people get sent to after they die. Spirits who go to Tenkoku get there via a plane that departs from Enma Kaio's Palace. We never get to see it in the manga, but we see it in the anime after Goku died a second time.

North Kaio Sama's (King Kai's) Planet
This is an obscenely small planet with very strong gravity. North Kaio Sama and his pet, Bubbles, lives in a small house on this planet (in the anime North Kaio Sama had an additional pupil, Gregory). There are also a few trees on the planet and a single road going around the planet in a circle (King Kai's hobby is driving). This planet no longer exists after the Cell Saga since it was blown to pieces during Cell's self-destruction.

Dai Kaio Sama's Planet
This planet is where the God of the Universe, Dai Kaio Sama lives. We never get to see it in the manga but we do in the anime. Dai Kaio Sama is a really old guy with a long beard who talks like a woman. He loves listening to rock music.

Kaioshin Kai
Literally "the world of the Kaioshins". This is the holy grounds that only the Kaioshins are supposed to be able go to. From what we see of Kaioshin Kai, it is untouched by any form of living-being (not even Dai Kaio Sama) apart from Kaioshin and Kibito. It is also where the Universe's strongest sword, the Zet Sword, is kept. This is where the last major battle in DBZ was fought. The Kaioshin Kai consists of one planet, Kaioshin's Planet.

Planet Frieza
Surprise! This is where Frieza's headquarters are located and is probably where Frieza plans his moves. It has a room with a medical machine and a training room along with other facilities like Saiyan capsule launchers. It is here that Vegeta learns that Frieza had gone to Planet Namek to find the Namek Dragon Balls.

Planet Namek
This is the planet that Piccolo, Kami Sama, Dende and all of the other Nameks came from. The Frieza Saga, which took place on this planet, was the longest-running saga in the DBZ series. Planet Namek is primarily an ocean planet with an abundance of islands on which the Nameks lived on. In the past, Planet Namek was a wooded planet but a change in the climate wiped out most of the forests and left only a very few trees remaining. The planet has its own set of Dragon Balls, which Frieza was trying to find. During the fight between Goku and Frieza, Planet Namek was destroyed but after using the Dragon Balls the Nameks were transported to a new planet.

Planet Vegeta
Another surprise! This is the planet in which all the Saiyans originate from. It was ruled by King Vegeta Ou (Vegeta's father) many years ago. Frieza made an alliance with this planet and promised not to attack it. Of course, the planet was destroyed when Frieza decided that he would oliberate the Saiyan race so his reign would not be threatened by them.

New Planet Namek
After Frieza destroyed the original Planet Namek, all the Nameks were transported to a new planet. We first get to see this planet during the Cell saga when Goku teleports there to find a new Kami Sama for Earth. This planet is physically very similar compared to its original counterpart. We see lots of islands and a few trees. This planet also played a fairly large role during the end of the Buu saga.