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The Frieza Saga




Piccolo's death meant that the Earth Dragon Balls no longer existed. Bulma, Gohan and Krillin decided to travel to Planet Namek via Kami Sama's space pod and use the Namek Dragon Balls to revive the Z warriors. While Goku was recovering in hospital, Vegeta also learnt of the Namek Dragon Balls and decided to travel to Planet Namek. Bulma, Gohan and Krillin finally arrived on Planet Namek after landing on a fake Planet Namek with the Space Ark Children, Rachi and Zarkro, who has the abilities to create illusions.

They soon learnt that Vegeta and Frieza were also on Planet Namek searching for the Dragon Balls. Goku recovered from his injuries after eating a Senzu Bean given to him by Yajirobe. He flew off to Planet Namek on a modified space pod provided to him by Dr. Briefs. He trained under 100 times the Earth's gravity on the space pod and increased his regular power level. Frieza summoned the Ginyu Force to aid him on Planet Namek.
When Goku arrived on Planet Namek he found that Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta were nearly dead from the battle against Recoome. He gave each of them a Senzu Bean and then defeated Recoome with a single elbow dash. He then defeated the remaining 3 members of the Ginyu Force. His body became heavily injured in the battle against Captain Ginyu. He was sent into a recovery machine while Vegeta went off to take a nap. During this time Gohan, Krillin and Dende used the Dragon Balls to revive Piccolo and teleported him to Planet Namek. Frieza found out what was happening and attacked the Z warriors. He felt  outmatched when Vegeta arrived and decided to transform into his 2nd form. Piccolo found Nail and absorbed him to increase his power level. He joined the battle and forced Frieza to transform into his 3rd form. Vegeta rejoined the battle and Frieza felt outmatched again so he transformed into his final form. Vegeta was killed when Goku arrived. Goku swore to take revenge for Vegeta and to defeat Frieza in honour of the Saiyans.

Goku powered up to full strength but was still no match for Frieza.  He decided to create a Genki Dama. Piccolo realized what he was doing so he attacked Frieza to buy some time for Goku. Frieza began beating the hell out of Piccolo. Gohan and Krillin joined the battle. Soon after, Goku decided he had enough energy to kill Frieza and hurled the Genki Dama at him. Frieza was overwhelmed by the blast. Everyone thought he was dead and started to relax. Walking away from the scene, Krillin spotted Frieza. Frieza was now missing half of his tail and was really pissed. He blasted Piccolo half-dead and blew Krillin into chunks. Goku was struck with such rage and anger that he transformed into Super Saiyan. It seemed like Goku lost all his personality and only had one goal: to kill Frieza. Goku started to beat the hell out of Frieza. Frieza powered up to full strength. In the end Goku defeated Frieza and the next thing that happened was the explosion of Planet Namek.
A year later the remains of Frieza was found and he was put back together as a robot by his father, King Cold. They arrived on Earth for revenge. All hope was lost by the Z warriors until a teenager came out of nowhere. He turned into Super Saiyan and finished off Frieza and Cold. All he said to the Z warriors was that he's waiting for Son Goku. After a while, Goku returned from Planet Yardet. Goku told everyone what happened between the explosion and now, how he escaped Planet Namek and also demonstrated his new teleportation technique. The teenager identified himself as Trunks. He claimed to be the son of Bulma and Vegeta and has came from the future to warn the Z warriors of androids that will terrorize the world in three years time. Trunks also revealed that Goku will die from a heart disease. Luckily he had brought medicine from the future to prevent this from happening again. Trunks promised to come back in three years time to aid the Z warriors in their fight against the androids. Now the Z warriors must begin their intensive training.