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The Buu Saga




The Buu Saga began 7 years after the Cell Game. At that time Krillin had married Android #18 and had a daughter named Marron. Chi Chi had a second son named Goten (1 year younger than Chibi Trunks) who was able to turn into Super Saiyan at a very young age. Gohan had a new friend named Videl (the daughter of Mr. Satan). He disguised himself as the Great Saiyaman so that he could help Videl bring criminals into justice. During the Tenkaichi Budoukai Goku was granted a single day on Earth where he met with his family, friends and was also allowed to participate in the tournament. Two of Babidi's henchmen attacked and absorbed some of Gohan's energy when he was powering up as requested by his opponent, Kibito. Kibito restored Gohan to full strength and introduced himself and his master, Kaioshin (the God of Gods). They spoke of an evil demon named Majin Buu who will be freed once the required amount of energy is gathered.
Vegeta realized that he could become stronger if he was possessed by Babidi. He decided that he would allow Babidi to control him. During the battle between Gohan and Darbura, Babidi possessed Vegeta. Goku and Vegeta were transferred elsewhere to fight. Babidi acquired enough energy and revived Buu (Fat Buu). The fat monster defeated Gohan and Kaioshin after killing Darbura. Vegeta knocked Goku unconscious and flew off to fight against Buu alone. He self-destructed but Buu managed to survive. When Goku woke up he went head on with Buu. He transformed into Super Saiyan 3 but he still can't defeat Fat Buu since he couldn't maintain his pose for too long on Earth. Gohan traveled to Kaioshin's Planet for training. Before Goku's time was up on Earth he taught Goten and Trunks the Fusion technique. The kids were then trained by Piccolo until they were strong enough to defeat Fat Buu. Soon after, Goten and Trunks fused together and became Gotenks (who can also transform into Super Saiyan 3 just like Goku can).

Fat Buu killed Babidi because he found him annoying. Next he met Mr. Satan who was supposedly sent to assassinate him. Instead of assassination, Mr. Satan developed a friendship with Buu. During this time, Buu was slowly converted to a "good guy". Piccolo realized this and believed that fighting wasn't as necessary as he had thought it would have been. Unfortunately Buu's evil spirit escaped. Both Fat Buu and Evil Buu began to battle. Evil Buu turned out as the victor and absorbed Fat Buu thus turning into Super Buu. He went to Kami Sama's Palace and demanded to fight against Gotenks (Goten and Trunks) and Piccolo in order to fulfill his promise with Goku.

Back on Kaioshin's Planet, Rou Kaioshin was released from the Zet Sword and he agreed to power up Gohan only if he could touch Bulma. Gohan was sent back to Earth so he could fight against Buu. Gohan overwhelmed Buu so Buu escaped. He returned and absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo thus turning more powerful . Rou Kaioshin gave his life to Goku and offered him a pair of Potara Rings so that he could fuse with Gohan to defeat the newly powered-up Super Buu. Goku teleported to the battle when Enma Kaio (King Yama) gave Vegeta back his body so he could be sent to fight against Buu. When Goku arrived at the scene he told Gohan to put on the Potara Ring. He threw the ring at Gohan but Gohan didn't manage to catch it. While he was searching for the ring, Buu absorbed him when he wasn't noticing and became a lot more powerful.

When all hope was lost, Goku sensed Vegeta's arrival. After an argument they decided to fuse and they became Vegetto. Vegetto overpowered Buu but purposely allowed himself to be absorbed by Buu so that he could  rescue his friends who were trapped inside Buu's body. When Vegetto was inside Buu's body, the permanent fusion somehow wore off. They rescued the 4 heroes (Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks and Goten). Buu realized what was happening and took his consciousness inside to his body. Vegeta detached Fat Buu from Buu's organs and Super Buu transformed back into Kid Buu, the original Majin Buu.
Goku and Vegeta escaped from Buu's body and when they came out Kid Buu destroyed the Earth. Goku only managed to save Mr. Satan, Bee and Dende. Kaioshin appeared and teleported them back to his planet. Vegeta became very angry because Goku rescued Mr. Satan and a dog instead of his son and the other warriors. Goku was speechless but there wasn't any time for that. Majin Buu also teleported to the planet and was prepared to kill them all. Kaioshin, Rou Kaioshin and Dende teleported to a faraway planet, however, they forgot about Mr. Satan and his dog and left them behind on the battlefield. Goku was badly wounded from the fight so Vegeta jumped into battle to give Goku some time to recover. Vegeta proved to be no match and he was almost killed. Mr. Satan stepped into the scene and challenged Buu (he thought he was dreaming so he believed he would win no matter how much stronger Buu was). Buu was unable to attack Mr. Satan due to Fat Buu's influence inside his body. He released Fat Buu and as he was about to kill Mr. Satan, Fat Buu awakened and goes head on with Kid Buu. Kid Buu proved to be stronger.

Goku used this time to create a Genki Dama. The Namek Dragon Balls were gathered to restore the Earth and also to revive every good person who was killed by Buu. Vegeta was amazed that his life was also restored since he never thought of himself as a good person. Goku had now gathered enough energy so he hurled the Genki Dama towards Buu but Buu repelled the Ki back at Goku. Vegeta told Dende to use the Dragon Balls and restore Goku's strength. Dende did so and Goku had all his strength restored. Goku threw the Genki Dama back at Buu and killed him. Fat Buu joined the Z Warriors when he awoke.
All the Earthling's memory of Majin Buu were erased by Porunga so that Fat Buu could live on Earth with Mr. Satan. At the end of the series, Gohan married Videl and they had a daughter named Pan. Vegeta and Bulma had another child, a daughter named Bra. Majin Buu was reincarnated into Ubuu and trained with Goku in Kami Sama's Palace.