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The Bardock Saga


Many years ago, Frieza formed an alliance with King Vegeta of the Saiyans. The truth is, he used them as mercenaries to destroy other planets. On a certain battle Bardock was with his teammates destroying a planet. Tooro, a surviving member of that planet, cursed Bardock with the ability to see his cursed future. Tooro was killed and Bardock recovered back on Planet Vegeta. Meanwhile Bardock's son, Kakarotto, was born. Frieza began to grow tired of seeing the Saiyans because one of his henchmen, Zarbon, advised him that the Saiyans can become a threat when banded together. At that time Vegeta was still a kid and already had a high power level. He asked Frieza to send him to another planet so he could destroy its inhabitants. Frieza granted his requests and Vegeta left with Nappa.



While Bardock was recovering, his teammates left to destroy another planet. After regaining his consciousness Bardock learnt what had happened and departed to join his teammates. At the planet everything seemed fine until Bardock found his teammates dead. A dying Saiyan told Bardock of Frieza's plot to destroy Planet Vegeta and wipe out all the Saiyans. Next Bardock encountered some of Frieza's henchmen and fought against them. He suddenly saw Kakarotto growing up (he was looking into the future) and lost concentration. Despite the headache Bardock managed to defeat all the henchmen except for Dodoria. Dodoria blew a single fireball and defeated Bardock. Meanwhile Kakarotto was sent to Earth so he could destroy it when he grew up.

Despite his injuries Bardock traveled back to Planet Vegeta to warn the other Saiyans of Frieza's plot. His comrades thought of the plot as a joke and mocked Bardock. Bardock got angry and decided that he must change the future. Frieza's spaceship approached Planet Vegeta and Bardock flew towards it in rage. Frieza's henchmen were dispatched from the spaceship and attacked Bardock. Bardock defeated all those who flew towards him. Frieza came out of his spaceship and laughed at Bardock. Bardock does a final fireball in an attempt to kill Frieza and alter the fate of his planet. Frieza laughed even harder and then created a super fireball. His fireball overwhelmed Bardock's fireball and continued flying towards Planet Vegeta. Bardock, Planet Vegeta and all that was in its path were destroyed. Bardock saw the future one last time before he died. He saw his planet being destroyed, then his son growing up and finally he saw his son, Kakarotto, encountering and going head on with Frieza as a grown-up Saiyan.

Vegeta & Nappa were on another planet at the time so they survived the oliberation. They were told that their planet had been struck by a meteor, but Vegeta gave no signs of concern. Kakarotto's other brother, Raditz, also survived the planet's oliberation. As for Kakarotto he landed on Earth and was found by Old Grandfather Son Gohan. Gohan adopted Kakarotto and renamed his new grandson Goku.