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The Babi Saga

Pilaf goes to Kami Sama's Palace to find the Dragon Balls so he can wish for world domination. Shenlong was summoned. Without notice, Goku entered the scene. Pilaf was so surprised to see Goku after all these years that he wished that Goku was still a kid so that he could be easier to defeat. Shenlong takes this for the wish and turned Goku back into a kid. Pilaf was freaked out and runs off, never to be seen or heard again.

Goku returned to home to tell everyone about what happened. Mr. Popo appeared and tells Goku that the Dragon Balls have transformed into Black Star Dragon Balls, scattered in space. Mr. Popo says that these Dragon Balls must be gathered within a year or the Earth will be destroyed. Goku and Trunks get on a space capsule to set voyage on their new quest. Pan sneaks aboard the capsule and accidentally damages an engine.

The space capsule crashes into many planets. On these planets, our heroes acquire the Dragon Balls and meet a cast of minor characters. During these scenes, Goku and Trunks transform into Super Saiyan, for the first time in Dragon Ball GT, to battle the minor villains. Pan also fights, but spends most of her time watching the Super Saiyans in amazement. In addition, our heroes meet Gill, a little robot who swallowed the Dragon Ball Radar. As a result, our heroes had to take him on their journey.
Our heroes landed on Dr. Myuu's planet. Dr. Myuu is an evil scientist who creates a bunch of cyborgs and robots. Gill as one of his many creations. Trunks was kidnapped and Pan tries to rescue him while Goku fights Ruudo, another creation of Dr. Myuu. Ruudo was killed. Gill helps our heroes escape and the crew safely returns to space.

One of Dr. Myuu's finest creations, Babi, was introduced. Babi is really the remnant of the Tsufurujins from Planet Plant, which was destroyed by the Saiyans back when King Vegeta worked for Frieza. Babi wants revenge on all Saiyans. Babi created Dr. Myuu to nurture Babi himself, but Dr. Myuu thought he was the creator. Babi has the power to take over bodies and acquire his victims' power. He takes over Dr. Myuu and kills him.

Goku, Trunks, Pan and Gill finally return to Earth with all seven Black Star Dragon Balls. Goku takes them to Mr. Popo, who secures them for later use. Babi also lands on Earth and slowly takes over the bodies of Trunks, Goten and Gohan. Even when he leaves their bodies, an egg is left in their brain. This egg makes its victim a henchman of Babi. Babi finally finds a body that satisfies him. He takes over Vegeta.

Soon, everyone on Earth became henchmen of Babi except Mr. Satan, Pan, Mr. Buu, Ubuu and Goku. You may be wondering why Satan doesn't get afflicted. The reason is that Satan was hiding inside Mr. Buu. Although the egg was also in Mr. Buu, he sealed it with his marshmallow body. Dende and Mr. Popo, victims of Babi, used the Black Star Dragon Balls to create another Planet Plant for Babi.

Goku faces Vegeta-Babi. Vegeta-Babi is stronger and easily defeats the young Goku. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan 3 but was still defeated when Vegeta also powers up to SSJ3. Pan hides in the background and watches the fight. The defeated Goku was pulled out of the fight by Kaioshin. On Kaioshin's Planet, Goku's tail grows back. Ubuu faces Vegeta-Babi and was defeated. Mr. Buu joins the battle and was killed. Buu's spirit enters Ubuu. The two fused and Ubuu learns that he and Buu were originally one being. Even with this fusion, Super Ubuu is no match for Vegeta-Babi. Ubuu attempts to turn Vegeta-Babi into a chocolate, but fails and the rays bounce back at him.

Goku returns to Planet Plant to face Vegeta-Babi. After getting beaten again by Vegeta-Babi, Goku lies on the ground and stares at the Earth. The full-Earth acts as a full-moon. As a result, Goku reaches Golden Ozouru Stage. Goku is a lot stronger, but unable to control his body and trashes everything in sight. Another change occurs. Goku acquires control over his body and enters another stage beyond Ozouru when Pan shows up and tries to bring sanity into him by showing him old pictures. He powers up and becomes Super Saiyan 4. The tide of the battle is turned and Vegeta-Babi is losing. The afflicted Bulma creates a special magnifying glass for her husband. It magnifies the rays of the full-Earth and Vegeta-Babi also enters Golden Ozouru stage.

Goku gets defeated once again. Meanwhile, Kaioshin resolves that Chousui Water could cleanse people from Babi's control. He goes to Kami Sama's Palace to get the Chousui Water. Dende and Mr. Popo were cleansed in the struggle against Kaioshin. The water was spread to everyone. Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Pan (now freed from Babi's control) surrounds Goku and formed a circle. Their energy was donated to Goku. Goku faces off Vegeta-Babi one last time. Goku does a final 10X Kamehameha and defeats Vegeta-Babi. Babi leaves Vegeta's body and runs to a space capsule to escape. He was killed in space when Goku unleashed another Kamehameha at him.

The Earth was about to explode because the Black Star Dragon Balls weren't
used to restore the Earth's stability. Our heroes take all the inhabitants to Planet Plant. Piccolo decides to stay on Earth because he loved it so much. The Earth explodes and Piccolo goes with it. At Planet Namek, the Namekian Dragon Balls were gathered and the Earth was restored . Sadly, Piccolo was already in heaven and never came back.